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Eating Bangus/ Milkfish daily can help prevent Vitamin B12 deficiency or Megaloblastic Anemia

🤔 Did you know…

🤓 Eating Bangus/ Milkfish daily can help prevent Vitamin B12 deficiency or Megaloblastic Anemia? 🙆💃

👩‍🏫 Red blood cells are important components of human blood for it contains hemoglobin which transports oxygen throughout the body. In order for the body to produce red blood cells, various nutrients are required — Iron, Folate and Vitamin B12. When the body doesn’t get enough of these nutrients a condition called anemia occurs.

👩‍🏫 When vitamin B12 is lacking during the production of red blood cells, the resulting substance is of poor quality and is characterized by being underdeveloped and enlarged – when red blood cells have these quality they are now called megaloblast.

👩‍🏫 Megaloblasts are immature red blood cells that doesn’t fully function the same way as matured ones. Due to this, these forms of anemia cause weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite and weight loss. 😔😢

😉 Good news! 85 gram serving of milkfish provides more than 100% of a person’s need for Vitamin B12? According to USDA Food Composition Database, a single serving of milkfish contains 2.78 microgram and it is generally advised for Filipinos to consume only 2.4 microgram. Hence, eating milkfish contributes to the body’s need for vitamin B12 which can then help prevent megaloblastic anemia caused by its deficiency.😉

🎉 Make bangus part of your diet and fight Megaloblastic Anemia!

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